DPH Boost™: Maximizing yield potential matters.

RPM® brand soybean varieties come loaded with top- end yield potential plus strong agronomic and defensive traits. Adding the DPH Boost® seed treatment package means those varieties are fully loaded, providing an extra level of protection against early season insects and diseases.

What’s in DPH Boost?

PA2030 - Biological / Polymer

  • Enhanced nitrogen availability resulting from improved nodulation helps soybean plants resist environmental stresses.
  • Biological components incorporated into a distinctive red polymer coating to minimize dust-off and help improve seed flow through planting & seed handling equipment.

PA 120+ - Inoculant

  • Delivers high concentration of beneficial rhizobia bacteria for soybean plants. Extender product helps prolong rhizobia up to 120+ days.

FST-EverGol (TM) Energy - Fungicide

  • Seed & seedling protection against seed-borne fungi causing seed decay and the soil-borne pathogens Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium and Pythium.

FST-Allegiance (R) - Fungicide

  • Systemic control of Pythium damping-off. Applied at the higher rate for Phytophthora control.

IST-Gaucho (R) - Insecticide

  • Systemic protection of planted seeds and seedlings from damage caused by seedcorn maggot.
  • Reduction in feeding damage caused by soybean aphids & overwintering bean leaf beetles.

The proof is in the yield.

Test results have shown that soybeans treated with Boost have better emergence and stands, enhanced plant health and vigor, and protection no matter when you plant, as compared to untreated soybean seeds. With an average 4.5 bushel per acre advantage in cooler, wetter conditions and a 1.7 bushel advantage across all conditions, Boost pays for itself.

Yield Comparison of Untreated vs. Treated with Boost

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