Reward yourself with Doebler’s Advantage.
Relying on Doebler’s year after year has its perks.

Did you plant Doebler’s corn or soybeans in 2017? Perfect, you’re entitled to receive a Doebler’s Advantage discount on your 2018 seed purchase.

Qualifying for the program is easy. All you have to do is maintain or increase the number of acres planted with Doebler’s corn, soybeans, or both in 2018. It’s that easy.

Your discount increases with each consecutive year you meet the program criteria. The longer you remain qualified, the more you save.

Program Eligibility Year Discount Level
Second year of purchase 2%
Third year of purchase 3%
Fourth year of purchase and beyond 5%

Not sure what you’re eligible to receive this year? That’s OK, contact your local Doebler’s dealer for additional information.

To lock in your savings
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