Doebler’s began as a small family farming business in 1935 in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. Eighty years later, we are a major regional contender in the seed industry, serving tens of thousands of growers in the greater Northeast. 

GENETICS FIRST is our approach. We begin by examining seed selections from a diversity of gene pools. The seed we select is seed that has proven itself in an abundance of independent trials. We are still recognized among our peers for having the largest testing program of its kind here in the East. What we eventually offer you must have proven its potential for significant yield performance on your farm. This is the first step we take to help you grow.

Due to the economic and environmental diversity encountered by Eastern growers, Doebler’s offers an array of seed corn products: corn for grain, corn for silage, certified organic and untreated corn brands and one of the largest selections of conventional or non-trait brands. For those of you with special needs such as combating insect infestation and/or the application of herbicides, we offer the latest trait technologies which by themselves have proven to protect the performance of a hybrid’s genetic background. With so many possibilities, helping you to choose exactly what you need on your farm is one of the many ways we add value to your investment and help you keep it growing.

Doebler’s also offers performance-proven alfalfa varieties to meet all of our growers’ needs, along with a fine selection of forage grasses and clovers.

All of our efforts to help you grow your farm add up to one thing, “Your Regional Advantage”®. It has been our motto for decades. It is who we are. And if we are to not only survive in these challenging times but thrive, we must continue to focus on what works best for who and where we are, farmers in the East. Working hand in hand is essential. Salespeople in your communities and the staff at Doebler’s Home Office in Jersey Shore continue to listen and provide assistance. All of this said, we look forward to a strong future together growing farms.

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