Success starts with choosing the right products.

Selecting the right products for your farm is one of the most important decisions you make each season. That’s why Doebler’s offers an ever-expanding, diverse line of market leading genetics specifically selected for the East.

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What our customers have to say about Doebler’s.

“The three biggest benefits I’ve experienced so far are better yield, increased income, and working with my District Sales Manager. Even with a good growing season, the Doebler’s RPM® brand DB5710RR™ exceeded our expectations. This is a good company to work with. The DSM is knowledgeable and concerned about helping us succeed. Service and quality are hard to match, much less beat. The soybeans are as good as any in the state.”

J.M. Vandiford
Pitt County, NC

“When I first considered trying Doebler’s soybeans, I was concerned with how they would compete with the major competitors I was using. [Doebler’s] overcame them with product performance. They are the best bean yields on my farm, and handled the drought and disease pressures better than competitors.”

Danny Marks
Richmond County, VA

“I chose Doebler’s due to yield results on area farms, plot results in the area, and the results from my own on-farm trial. My soybean yield has increased by 4% and the harvest moisture was down 1%. The price is great, the people are great to work with, and the product outperforms the other brands in the area.”

Don Michaels
Sandusky County, OH

“I originally chose Doebler’s because their service was better than the service I was receiving from other seed dealers. Since using their products, I have experienced superior disease resistance, increases in yield, and excellent service provided at all levels of the organization. You cannot find another seed brand that will perform as well as Doebler’s and the people are great to work with.”

Junior Richard
Wayne County, OH

“My crops are harvested by a neighbor who has been custom farming for 10 plus years. He has seen many different varieties in his years. He told me that Doebler’s RPM® brand 631XYwas the best standing corn he ever harvested. ”

Aaron Rose
Mercer County, OH