19 Jun 17

Best Practices When Spraying for Weeds and Insects

It’s usually not a question of whether to spray or not to spray, according to Josh Bechdel, an agronomy salesman with Doebler’s dealer Webbs Super-Gro Products in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. “You spray to optimize yield potential,” Josh says. “You spend a lot of money on seed, fertility and weed management. Knowing what weeds you have prior to planting is crucial, particularly when it comes to glyphosate-resistant marestail [for example].” Timing of Application One of the most common noxious weed that ails Pennsylvania corn farmers today is marestail. Marestail starts to emerge in late March and can continue to emerge through…

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09 Jun 17

Doebler’s Intern Is Helping Dealers and Customers Tell the Doebler’s Story

Summer internships can involve a wide range of opportunities. For one Doebler’s intern, this summer means getting to know the dealers and customers and helping them tell their stories through video. Ellie Chandler will be a senior at Penn State this fall, completing her agribusiness major along with a minor in Spanish. She didn’t grow up on a farm, but lived on the edge of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, in southern Chester County. Kennett Square is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World. “I grew up right on the edge of where town meets cornfield, so it was a little…

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08 Jun 17

Scouting and Stand Count to Help with Replanting Decisions

As the planting ends, the detective work begins when it comes to the status of the crop in the ground. It comes down to a decision to let it be or start over. Any number of things can cause producers to make the ultimate decision: keep a crop in the field or tear it out. That decision, according to Doebler’s District Sales Manager David Warner, needs to be based on stand counts. It’s a matter of good detective work. “If you’re out doing a stand count and your stand looks off, it’s time to put your detective hat on and…

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23 May 17

Key Factors for Corn Emergence and Fertility

Successful corn emergence is a combination of three key factors – environment, genetics and seed quality. Success is greatly dependent on uniformity in temperature and moisture over the first 24 hours that the seed is in the ground. According to Dr. Ron Heiniger, Professor of Crop Science and Cropping Systems, North Carolina State University, even emergence is an important element of corn success. He says there is some advantage to quickness in emergence, but that’s not as critical as uniformity. “Hybrid vigor certainly makes for successful emergence,” Heiniger says, “but the other factor is uniformity in temperature and moisture over…

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18 May 17

The Herr Family: Farmers and Doebler’s Dealers in Amish Country

Eric Herr, his wife Melissa and Eric’s father Donald are the fourth and fifth generation to operate their farm near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. And for the last 12 years, they have been Doebler’s dealers in Lancaster and York counties. “We were approached by our then current Doebler’s seed dealer who was considering retiring,” Eric says. “We were asked if we’d be interested in taking that over. After some discussion, we did, and have grown the business from there. Being a Doebler’s dealer is just kind of a natural extension of the farming that we do.” Eric and Melissa purchased the farm…

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16 May 17

Research Looks at Ways to Increase Double Cropping Yields

The Mid-Atlantic Double Cropping Project, which includes all of Doebler’s territory, is in its third and final year. The project’s goal is to “to increase yield and profitability of double-crop small grain-soybean systems.” States involved include: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and North Carolina. Extension specialists in each of those states took the primary lead. Dr. David Holshouser, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech University, and one of the leaders of the study. Part of the research includes determining the most effective varieties to meet the goal and then work with customers to ensure success. “Doebler’s is one of…

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03 May 17

Eckel Farms’ Growing Relationship with Doebler’s

Keith Eckel lives in the same farmhouse near Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, that his father Fred bought in 1949. Fred Eckel started the farm with 44 acres, eight cows and 300 chickens. Keith began farming with his father and brother in 1970. Today, Eckel Farms, Inc., grows about 1,300 acres of corn, 150 acres of tomatoes, 40 acres of sweet corn and 40 acres of pumpkins. Eckel Farms has been growing corn using Doebler’s seeds for the last ten years, thanks to Doebler’s Regional Advantage and Keith Eckel’s relationship with his dealer. “I’m always interested in alternatives in the marketplace, and…

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28 Apr 17

Doebler’s Advancing New Seed Treatments for 2017 and 2018 Seasons

Seed is one of the largest investments that row crop farmers make each year and their success hinges on it thriving through the growing season and producing at harvest. It’s critical that farmers find a way to maximize their investment by protecting the seed from various environmental factors and provide pest control. Having the proper plant protection during the early, critical stages of growth can have the greatest impact on overall yield potential down the road. That’s where the ever-evolving science of seed treatments comes into play. New advancements in this industry are allowing farmers to protect their largest investment…

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07 Apr 17

Georgetti Farm and Doebler’s: A 45 Year Relationship

Farming has been a way of life for Shawn Georgetti since he was a year old. His father began the Georgetti family farm near Avella, Pennsylvania. Once the land was cleared and the ground prepared, Shawn’s father planted his first crop of Doebler’s corn in 1972. Four years later he added a dairy operation, milking 40 head of Holstein cows. As he grew up, Shawn helped his father with the crops and dairy operation. All that changed in 1989. “We were in the barn milking,” Shawn says, “and he said he wanted to go spray one last cornfield before it…

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31 Mar 17

Tips for Early Corn Planting: “Do it right the first time”

Now that it’s officially spring, the itch to get in the field is growing. The early bird may get the worm, but the early planter has to get a lot of things right to get the best results. David Warner is a Doebler’s district sales manager for south central Pennsylvania and north central Maryland. He says there are five areas growers should be aware of before making early planting plans. VARIETY SELECTION AND POPULATIONS Selecting varieties with better ratings on early emergence is a matter of doing the right research with the right person. “Work with your dealer and the…

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24 Mar 17

Curtis Martin – Farmer and Doebler’s Dealer

Curtis Martin has been a Doebler’s dealer for 10 years now. He also farms near Savannah, New York, in the Finger Lakes region, south of Lake Ontario. The variety of landscapes in the region mirrors the variety of farmers that are his customers. “I serve a wide variety of farms, from certified organic to some very large farms,” Curtis says. “I have farmers who buy two or three bags of organic corn, and I have farmers who buy a trailer load.” Keeping It Simple Even though there is a wide variety of farmers to serve, he believes in a simple,…

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17 Mar 17

Key Advice for Planting Equipment Preparation

Andrew Kern, a Doebler’s District Sales Manager, grew up on a farm, spent five years on the family farm and farming on his own, and put in eight years in the farm equipment industry. He started with Doebler’s last June in the Delmarva Peninsula, which is made up of the eastern shore of Maryland, all of Delaware and the southern half of New Jersey. It’s a unique territory. “We have a wide variation of soils and a variation of climates, here on the Delmarva,” Andrew says. “We run in everything from beach sand to heavy clay to some of the…

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10 Mar 17

North Carolina Farmer: “We’re 100 Percent Doebler’s”

Serendipity Farms is a 3,000 acre farming operation, located in the Trenton and Richlands, North Carolina area. Frankie Wiggins started farming in 1976. Two years ago, he and his partner, Ronnie Cox, decided to give Doebler’s corn and soybeans a try. Frankie says they were already doing business with GETSco, their seed, chemical and fertilizer supplier in Trenton. GETSco is a Doebler’s Seed dealer, and he got acquainted with the company and its products through District Sales Manager Warren Cobb. “Two years ago we started planting their hybrids for corn and beans,” Frankie says. “We put them against the top…

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03 Mar 17

Dealer Spotlight: Meet New Doebler’s Dealers, Jason and Michelle Enos

D&L Enos Milling and Tire Service, LLC, is a familiar stop for folks in the Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, area. D&L Enos Milling was in business for more than 20 years, started by Jason Enos’ parents, Diane and Louis. Jason and his wife Michelle took over the business nearly three years ago when Diane and Louis retired. They expanded to include a tire business and now sell Doebler’s corn and soybean seed. Their relationship with Doebler’s began with a visit to D&L from Bill Johnston, Doebler’s district sales manager for northwestern Pennsylvania. “Bill came in and asked us if we were…

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23 Feb 17

Dealer Spotlight: Meet New Doebler’s Dealer, Jon Brackman

Jon Brackman may be a relatively new Doebler’s dealer. But he and Doebler’s go way back—to a time before Jon was even born. “My grandfather sold Doebler’s,” Jon says. “My family is a long-time customer.” Jon lives on his family’s farm in Canton, Pennsylvania. “My grandfather started the farm in 1928. It was a dairy farm.” “My dad and uncle took over from my grandpa in 1979, and my grandpa retired. I graduated from high school in 1990 and became a partner on the farm in 1996 and have been here ever since,” he said. The family got out of…

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17 Feb 17

Doebler’s Collaboration with John Deere Financial

Customers of Doebler’s have access to excellent financing options, due to the company’s affiliation with John Deere Financial. Kevin Nies, internal area sales manager with John Deere Financial, says the relationship has tremendous benefits for growers. “Right now Doebler’s has a very aggressive finance offer for customers using the Multi-Use Account,” says Kevin. “It’s prime minus one percent1. Now, that’s an APR rate. So prime is at 3.75 percent. And subtracting a point makes it 2.75 percent.” “That rate can be less than the rates associated with operating lines or notes that a secured lender would provide to growers. So…

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17 Feb 17

Economizing In A Time of Low Commodity Prices

During his 30 years as a grain crops extension specialist at Penn State University, Greg Roth has seen plenty of ups and downs in the ag economy. Greg has some thoughts on how farmers can economize. “I’ve pulled these from experience in working with farmers and what they’ve done in previous economic downturns. Many farmers are doing some of these things already. But my hope is that perhaps they’ll pick up a thing or two that’s new,” he says. “There are two basic areas to think about,” Greg says. “One is fixed costs, which includes things like machinery and land.…

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03 Feb 17

Dealer Spotlight: Visiting with Richard “Dick” O’Neill

Like many Doebler’s dealers, Dick O’Neill had a career as a farmer. But unlike many Doebler’s dealers, Dick is 82 years old and going strong! Dick lives in Randolph, New York, which is in the western part of the state, in Cattaraugus County. “It’s as rural as rural can get,” he says. “I grew up on a farm. Then I went to work in a factory,” Dick says. He then had an opportunity to buy a farm. “I was a dairy farmer for 20 years,” he says. “After I got through farming, I worked at the Children’s Home for 10…

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27 Jan 17

Historic Mill Becomes Doebler’s Dealership

James Lewis is the fifth generation in his family to own and operate Belmont Mills in the village of Belmont, Ohio. Recently, Belmont Mills became a Doebler’s dealership. “We were looking for a good quality seed product,” says James. “One of our former salesmen had taken a job with Doebler’s, so we approached him. I knew he’d had a well-established relationship with our customers. And Doebler’s just seemed to be a good fit all the way across the board.” James says the transition is going well. “The numbers and the yields with Doebler’s are looking a lot better than what…

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20 Jan 17

Meet Our Team: Josie Lachat

Who’s the helpful voice on the phone when you call Doebler’s? Odds are, it’s Josie Lachat, administrative assistant. “I’m normally the first voice everyone hears, although Andrea and I race to see who can pick up the phone the fastest,” Josie says. “I handle customers’ questions and get them connected with the right people. Right now I’m also dealing with shipping; it’s that time of year.” Josie has been with Doebler’s for six months. Previously she worked at an excavating company for four years; the owner was also a farmer, growing corn and beans, so she learned about farming. Prior…

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